Laser Facials

Laser Facials

This ultimate laser treatment reduces open pores, creates collagen regeneration and skin tightening.   The treatment involves penetrating warm laser light in a series of movements across the face that activates dermal cells.

Laser Genesis starts a process of cell renewal in the dermis that builds over time. A course of treatments will ensure the best desired outcome is achieved. 

These laser treatments are ideal for treating pigmentation, uneven skin tone, scarring and acne. They re-energise collagen to plump wrinkles over time and exfoliate surface keratin to refine skin texture and reduce pore size.

Treatment involves pulses of laser at varying wave lengths that act on the dermal and epidermal layers of the skin.  Immediate results involve a more even skin tone with smoother skin texture, and deeper results building over time.

Carbon acts as a photo-enhancer, the light from the laser is absorbed by the carbon particles which then shatter and blast from the skin, removing dirt and epidermal layers.  Pore size is reduced and skin is left clear and radiant.  

A course of laser facials is recommended for optimum results.

CMSP Mini Laser Facial
15 minute treatment.  Perfect for regular on-going monthly skin maintenance.

CMSP Carbon Laser Facial
30 minute treatment, ideal 1-3 days prior to a special occasion for fresh and glowing skin.

CMSP Laser Facial
30 minute treatment. This facial uses single or multi laser settings, as prescribed by your therapist, to achieve the results that are best suited to your skin concerns.   

CMSP Signature Facial

Combine both YAG and Genesis lasers plus a Vitamin A Wash for our CMSP Signature Facial.  This treatment is recommended for skin maintenance of all ages but is especially beneficial for mature skins.

CMSP Alexandrite Laser Treatment
$350 for neck and decolletage.
Other areas, price on consultation

This laser treatment is ideal for sun damaged areas reducing pigmentation and refining surface texture.  

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