Skin Needling

Skin Needling

This treatment uses a hand-held device that delivers miniscule puncture holes to the skin, via very fine needles, at a depth that stimulates skin renewal.

This treatment is perfect for scarring and mature skins to re-build collagen and refine the texture of the skin.  It can also be beneficial to younger skins to maintain plumpness and as a wrinkle preventor.

In combination with the needling, a hyaluronic serum delivers a super hydrating complex into the needled area. A potent advanced technology, growth factor serum can also be administered to accelerate the renewal process.  

After needling the skin will develop redness, similar to sunburn, for up to 48 hours. To get maxim benefits we recommend the growth factor serum is purchased for home use to be applied once daily post treatment along with the recommended post treatment pack for your skin care routine.

Immediate results involve a smoother skin texture with deeper results building over time. Evidence has shown that a course of treatments are required to achieve the desired  best results.

45 mins.

$200 Single Treatment with Hyaluronic Serum
$550 Course of 3 Treatments

$250 Single Treatment with Growth Factors
$700 Course of 3 Treatments
(Growth factor retails for $150 for 10ml)

$450 Face with PRP, performed by Dr Ryan
$550 Face and Neck with PRP, performed by Dr Ryan

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